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Welcome to World Trek Movies !!!

Thank you for coming to World Trek Movies – the site where you can get a really good dose of either your current travel destinations or be drawn to new ones by what you find here. After having traveled to 31 countries on six continents, my wife Carina and I felt a real need to give something back for it. We wanted to provide something that would help summarize and educate the curious traveler. One can think of travel movie footage as a live diary; sort of the modernized, high-tech version of Marco Polo’s writing of the Silk Route journey.

Cusco Peru with LlamasDesert in Dubais

In the case of World Trek Movies, there’s no real filmography agenda other than to ‘run the video camera lens wide open’ when there’s even a hint of something interesting happening on a trip. Later, the facts and details are added to make a documentary comprised of many educational and experiential scenes. Admittedly, it’s really a golden moment when you successfully capture that opera singer performing on the streets of Dresden, Germany or a snake charmer in Varanasi, India or perhaps an impromptu group of musicians on stilts, materializing out of nowhere on the streets of old Havana, Cuba.

Havana - Street MusiciansHavana - Street Musicians

Some of the best scenes come from those random, unplanned moments during a trip. Travel is about the discovery of things unfamiliar. We have tried to be diverse in the selection of those places to travel to in order to keep our interest up, always hoping to discover something new. For those who have a destination in mind, I suggest they first acquire a travel book on the place they would like to go. Knowing what you aspects you want to see and understanding some of the culture will excite you enough to make it a do-able reality. Some people want to visit multiple countries which usually requires more in-depth planning. Of course, visiting those destinations which are in close proximity to each other saves time and money compared to visiting one place at a time, returning home between each place. For some, this is not always convenient to travel this way as per a financial budget or limitations in the number of available time off days. Those who are drawn strongly enough to a place will somehow find a way to get where they would like to go.<

The movies presented by World Trek will ultimately allow you to discern what will become your favourite travel destinations. The movies are designed for those who are curious about a country and would like to see the best sights in detail. Get ready to see some great movies and learn what it is that draws thousands of travelers to these exotic places !