• India

    Full Movie - 71 minutes

    Video with descriptive narration of all the best sights are included from eleven cities. See the Taj Mahal, sights of Delhi, Thar Desert, several forts, crafts, gigantic hand-cut caves that boggle the mind, entertainment and much more that the travelers, Jim and Carina Gray experienced.

    The exploration of numerous forts, temples, palace rooms, mausoleums, amazing hand-cut caves and many historic sites are included with walk-through footage that will make you feel as though you are right there. Stunning craftsmanship such as the meticulously inlaid precious stones into marble, wire inlaid woodwork, miniature and gold-inlaid paintings, ancient murals, stitched works and other fantastic artisanship is covered. Ceremonies, rituals, tour guide leadings and even a child tightrope walker will dazzle and pique the travel curiosity in you. Centuries old Maharajah palaces which have been converted into hotels that you can stay in for reasonable prices are featured. With no in advance planning, the Grays came upon musicians, desert singers, colourful street weddings, snake charmers, holy men, street salesmen, decorated horses and a plethora of interesting people, all of whom have been captured in this film. Watch this movie and you will start to feel the enticing allure of India !

  • Brazil

    Full Movie - 63 minutes

    The film presents Brazil's sights, customs, people and natural beauty in a way such that you will feel almost as though you are right there. Whether it be the 275 waterfalls at Iguassu, the beaches of Rio, Sugarloaf Mountain or Corcovado Peak with its colossal Christ the Redeemer statue, you will marvel at the sights shown in this film. Stunning churches, colonial architecture, artisan works, iconic landmarks and a scenic flight over Rio de Janeiro are featured. Visits to historic Petropolis, relaxing Niterio and touristic Buzios are included. No film of Brazil would be complete without showing the parade at Carnival, the world's largest party. Amazing animatronic floats and fabulous costumes will dazzle you as will the energy of this most exciting event. The Carnival Winner's Parade was filmed front row in the Sambodrome ( specially built for this celebration ), right where the view is the most awesome. Brazil's best cultural show, Plataforma is also featured, which showcases 500 years of history, culture, tradition and unmatched performance skills such as Capoeira, a blend of martial arts and dance. See this movie and you'll understand a special wonder and awe that are unique only to Brazil !

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  • Morocco

    View Trailer

    This video will take you to beautiful Morocco.

    The movie includes the Hassan II Mosque - the seventh largest in the world, Islamic art, kasbahs, cultural entertainment, an ancient trading route, the beautiful Atlas Mountains, the Sahara Desert and multiple cities with exotic sights. An unforeseen drive through a sandstorm is also included in the movie.