World Trek


World Trek movies have been designed primarily to allow the viewer the chance to determine whether or not they would like to travel to a specific country. The movies focus on the most popular tourist attractions which can be found in each country as well as the not so common sights, many of which are a must-see. The movies capture the travels of Jim and Carina Gray, but are by no means a collection of home movie footage. Occasionally, the movies will describe what was experienced and felt by the couple at various places which gives a hint of what impressions were felt at the time. Of course, the experiential is often unique to each traveler, but there are many sensory experiences described as being the same by many.

The videos are highly educational, loaded with facts and figures about each place which can prepare you to investigate better when you do travel there. You will likely better know the questions to ask a tour guide once you arrive and can specify in advance what you would like to see. Often tour guides will add stops at the suggestion of travelers if they believe they can include the sights in a timely manner, so it is good to have your requests ready. World Trek Movies can help you to plan your requests.